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War is nigh as both goblin and kaldorei feud within the RP-PvP staff! Various methods to overthrow each other have been taken in consideration, all in hope of acquiring influence and favour over those of the community they slave for. Alas, there is a chance for victory for the kaldorei as they have taken steps to remove the ogre population from their enthrallment under their goblin superiors. Recently information concerning ogres has been purposely illustrated by Firence and his band of determined elves, granting a small group of ogre magus the enthusiasm for freedom, causing quite the distraction within the goblin folds.

It is time for action, and Firence wants you! The kaldorei are in search of willing warriors of the pen to enroll in a contest of creativity. This competition includes all denizens of Azeroth to share tales of their accomplishments and past. The finest recollections will be rewarded graciously by those agents of Firence.

Each month the members of RP-PvP are tasked with deciding who will be crowned with the ‘Roleplay of the Month’. Those fortunate enough to receive this prestigious award will be permanently enshrined into the halls of the greatest storytellers. Their chronicles will not only be placed into a special gallery, but the member will also receive a token of recognition in their profile so that all can see the hard work that has been put forward by the individual. Fascinating isn’t it?!

For the month of August, 5 of the most captivating biographies were selected as nominations for the Roleplay of the Month. We ask that each community member looks over each of these and makes their pick for the most deserving biography. Voting will last through the first 2 weeks of September when the winner will be announced.

The topic of nomination for September is most intriguing story introduction. At the end of September, another round of nominations will be made so that the community can once again decide who deserves the honor of holding the Roleplay of the Month.

Warriors of the pen gather around and spill forth from the loins of your imagination! The kaldorei shall win this eve and return order to the community. Now go! Help bring the greatest and most influential storytellers to share their great tales with us!

View the nominations for August
View the rules for September

- Nancy Fakeleaf
Operator of the Pen

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