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An integral part of any game lies in the backstory, the lore. One of the strongest points of World of Warcraft lies in what the game was based upon, the story. With roleplay-based servers, players now have a chance to place themselves within the world that they’ve grown to love.

If you are new to Warcraft or have never taken the chance to learn about the foundation of the game, please head over to the official site and read the backstory. It’s an excellent way to gain an even greater appreciation for the game.

Helping you get your foot in the door

RP-PvP exists not only to assist a greater community atmosphere, but also to help players develop and gain a great appreciation for the roleplaying that goes on within the game. If you are looking for a way to enter this spectrum, why not first consider more about the character that you play. Have you ever considered why your character is the way it is? Why did you choose the race you did?

This is your chance to get lost in the game. Why not keep a daily journal of what goes on within the game. There are hundreds of great ways to help develop your character so that the game becomes more enjoyable in and out of the World of Warcraft.

Roleplaying features

Our goal will be to showcase all sorts of talent. In the coming weeks, we will be adding a roleplay of the week to our features so that others can get a look at some of the best there is out there. We also have a permanent fixture on our main page showcasing the latest roleplays from our forums.

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