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P-PvP has laid the foundation to provide your guild with absolutely free forum hosting on the premier site for RP-PvP servers. Here is a rundown of what is included with our guild hosting.

Free forum hosted on the pvprp.com forum database using our custom made templates.
Full community manager privileges to the guild master.
Full exposure from the pvprp.com site.
Listing on our guilds page, guild spotlight, as well as sponsored sites.
Short URL - http://pvprp.com/guildname or http://guildname.pvprp.com
The pvprp.com community to interact and share ideas with.
A stable hosting solution that requires no maintenance on your end.

Guilds hosted on pvprp.com will be listed on the guilds page and will also be able to be customized to appear the left hand banner as well for quick access. They will be separate from the main forum index to allow your guild the privacy it requires, but still allowing it to share the same members and resources as the rest of the community.

Sign Up (applications currently limited due to demand)

Hosting will be handed out on an unbiased basis to RP-PvP guilds that exhibit the courtesy and determination needed to have a successful guild in our community. If you are interested in this free solution, please complete the form below.

Guild Name:
Short Description:
Current website:
(if you already are hosted)
Contact E-Mail:
Forum Username:
(anything else you'd like to add)
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