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A very important part of the roleplaying community is the presence of guilds. Large or small, they make up the foundation for some of the best storylines and events that can be seen within roleplay-based servers. As a pillar in the RP-PvP community, it is our job to bring you the most inclusive information we can regarding guilds on the servers. You can begin your guild search by clicking the link to the right, Guild Search .

RP-PvP GuildsIn order to help build our guild search feature, it is imperative that we get as much input from the community as possible. Please note, any guilds submitted to us before September 13th, 2005 have been cleared from our database due to our new format. By submitting your guild to us, you are giving others a chance to get a small peak into what being in a guild is all about. Over the months, we will aim to develop a comprehensive collection of guilds from all RP-PvP realms so that players can either look up a guild they saw in game or see what else is out there that they might not have seen before.

You can also learn more about some of the guilds that are hosting their forums through our hosted guilds page. We have a fluctuating quota for hosting applications, so it may or may not be open. As the lifespan of certain hosted guilds run out, we will update our hosting situation by allowing new (and old) guilds the opportunity to gain exposure and presence through this website.

We thank the roleplaying community for all of the hard work they have put into their guilds and hope that you can do us the service of helping to improve our community as well.

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