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Cleansing of Dun Garok
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Enos Shenk
Guild: Shards of the Crown  Realm: Maelstrom
Posts: 62
Professions: Mining / Herbalism  Race: Dwarf Hunter
PostPosted: Oct 12 5:16 am Reply with quote

It started out as such a nice day. Having just purchased her riding ram the night before, Scarlett was galloping about the Arathi Highlands, with her cat Boar in tow. She had spent most of the day venturing behind the walls of Stromgarde in search of the precious mithril ore that was commonly found there.

Following a much-traveled route around the city, Scarlett couldnt help but laugh out loud at the exhiliration of riding instead of running. Following the hills, her miners instincts gave her a good feeling of striking iron on the far side of the wall dividing Arathi from the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Urging her mount into a run, she charged through the gaping damaged gate in the wall, wary of the vulnerability of such a choke point. Her instincts proved correct, and she leapt off her ram, produced her mining pick, and with practiced ease dug out four nuggets of iron ore.

Realizing she was near the friendly dwarven stronghold of Dun Garok, Scarlett climbed over the rocky hills, and marched up to the gates of the fortress.

"Well wheres the welcoming commitee!" she shouted in her native tongue. "I rode all the way out from Ironforge, arent you going to say hello?"

Suddenly the true sounds emininating from inside the fortress reached her ears. Fighting, blade on blade, and cries for help in dwarvish.

Breathing a vile oath, Scarlett unslung her rifle off her back, and peered around the corner, only to see the wide back of a stinking orc. Seeing that the bastard was locked in battle with a fellow dwarf, Scarlett felt absolutely no compunction in shooting the orc in the back. The orc had no idea what was hitting him until it was too late, with a final fullisade of shots, he fell and lay still.

Running up to the injured dwarven fighter, Scarlett quickly brought out a well-worn scout first aid kit. With skillfull movements she quickly bandaged the dwarfs wounds.

The dwarven armsman was finally able to choke out words. Looking into Scarletts mismatched gaze, he coughed out "More...Inside...Four I think"

Nodding silently to the guard, Scarlett began to creep through the fortress, following the signs of battle. Finally arriving at a corridor in the rear, she could hear the sounds of many foes beyond. Knowing that she had the advantage of suprise, and friendly forces in the area, she prepared her fight. Unfolding a much used metal trap, she set it on the ground with a breath of magic. Then leaning around the corner, took careful aim at a robed trolls side. Squeezing off a shot, she commanded her tiger to rush in and finish the job.

Leaving Boar inside to confuse the enemy, Scarlett backed off, firing off a bright flare from a clever device. Without fail, the flare revealed the presence of an enemy rogue. With another murmer of crude magical words, the rogue was marked in Scarlett's mind, unable to seek the shadows they so well loved. Within moments the rogue passed over the trap, and was caught in a magical explosion of ice, unable to move.

Taking the opportunity, Scarlett leaned back around the corner, and with blasts from her rifle finished the job of putting the troll priest down on the ground. Quickly retreating to a better tactical position, she yelled out for a friend that she knew was nearby.

"Sammuel! Horde in Dun Garok! Come downstairs to regroup!" she shouted, knowing that the horde wouldnt understand a word of it.

Tucking into a corner to await the arrival of the bandit, Scarlett mentally tallied up the dead and living horde, figuring at most there was 3 more remaining alive in the stronghold.

It wasnt long before the sounds of a struggle came to her ears. Picking up her gear, she dashed up the stairs just in time to find Sammuel in combat with another orc. Quickly charging in with her axe, Scarlett and Sammuel put an end to the orc, and turned their attentions to hunting down the rest.

Greetings exchanged, the two walked out into the central garage structure. Hearing taunting sounds over her shoulder, Scarlett turned to find the three horde force standing on a balcony on the next floor up, spitting and jeering. And with them was the damned troll priest!

Figuring they revived him somehow, Scarlett decided to make a better show of it. With lightning speed, she shouldered her rifle, fanning the hammer in a well-practiced hunter technique. Within a matter of seconds, the troll was peppered with bullets, and dropped to the floor breathing his last. The other horde were stunned, and attempted to make a break for it out a back stairway.

Unfortunately for the horde, their escape route led them right into the arms of two more passing Alliance members. Caught between two groups, the horde forces were quickly cut to ribbons.

"You do this often?" asked Sammuel. "Eh...Its pretty typical" answered Scarlett.

((Completely based on true events. Yes, I really did rapid fire their priest to death before he could back away from the edge of the balcony. Yes, it was hilarious))
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