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Draugh Rising
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Guild: Insnaity  Realm: Maelstrom
Posts: 4
Professions: Blacksmithing / Mining  Race: Undead Warrior
PostPosted: Oct 11 10:47 pm Reply with quote

Draugh Rising

I have now left the cradle, the womb of the earth that held me. Flesh hangs from my fetid bones and yet I feel a power, a connection that calls me. The dark lady’s gift to me. In time memories begin to wash in like waves crashing on a sandy shore.

A gyre formed as a brooding gloom that engulfed her mind.

It had always pulled on her since her youth. Always gravitating towards mythologies, the violent and the sexual. This was something real, something primal…ancient. Deep inside since she was a child she knew that man’s law held no sway over her. She had her own morality. Life and death were what mattered to her, not good deeds and charity. For years she pored over the dusty books. Always searching, knowing there was so much there for her. The Viking religion seemed to her to make the most sense. You live like a god, you die like a hero. For a Godi you studied the secrets meanings of the runes. For a Draughdrotten you danced with the dead, there are many mysteries in death, even the ancient ones knew this. Always it drove her, it fired her soul. It quenched her fears.

It was with this memory she realized that her old self had passed away. Left in the earth to rot. She had become something greater, something ancient. She had become a Draugh. She was given a gift, She was now immortal.

She had become what the humans feared the most: Lawlessness, lust, violence and most of all rot. What greater fear do the human have than the rot and decay of their own flesh?

Draugh looked down at the pit in the earth that she had risen from. Scraps of flesh and blood still entwined with soil, like an antithetical afterbirth. With a tinge of regret she realized her eyes lay in the pit as well to be consumed by worms.

“I am blind yet I can see. I am the union of all opposites. I am the savior and the deathbringer.”

She slowly turned from her earth-womb. She shot forth into the darkness like a lightningbolt on a canvass of stellar black velvet. Everything was changed, yet it was all the same. She ran yet her legs never tired and she came upon the great city. This would be her place of servitude. She walked forth past the guards and all the commoners and even the demon whom serves the queen. She knelt before the dark lady for hours, perhaps days. Time does not matter to the forsaken. When Lady Sylvanus opened her eyelids from her trance her words echoed in Draugh’s mind.

“You will be my handmaiden! Among all my minions you stand alone. Few others understand the gift they have been given.”

She placed her thumbnails under each of Draugh’s eyesockets, burning the rotted flesh to the touch, branding her flesh. Marking her as one of her chosen.

“Rise Draugh and go into the night . Know true power. For as you grow strong my power grows. Kill them all in my name. For the Forsaken!”
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