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Defias Brotherhood - Weekly Event
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Guild: Merciful  Realm: Maelstrom
Posts: 804
Professions: undecided / undecided  Race: Dwarf Priest
PostPosted: Oct 07 7:14 am Reply with quote

Every week on Saturday morning the Merchant weekend will start, and on late Sunday it ends. Every merchant from all over the world is welcome to the Stormwind Park area to set up a stand. Here all players can come and see if they find what they have been searching for.

This is a fight between mechants to get the customers to buy THEIR items. So come, bring all your items and money. This will be a enjoyable time with fireworks and ale at night in the tavern. It is a celebration to all the merchants who work hard to supply the demands of the people.

This event will be started the next coming Saturday and will continue onward forever. (Changed to Saturday because, with three days the amount of people will become to spread)

So instead of yelling out for things you want to sell or buy all the time, come to the Merchant "fair". Join us whether you sell or buy, come and join the fun on the Defias Brotherhood server in EU.
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Guild: Shards of the Crown  Realm: Maelstrom
Posts: 298
Professions: Blacksmithing / Mining  Race: Human Warrior
PostPosted: Oct 07 3:44 pm Reply with quote

Sounds fun, though I think trade district would make a little more sense Razz
Balanor - Old Veteran
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Guild: Warbloom Merchants  Realm: Defias Brotherhood
Posts: 15
Professions: Mining / Tailoring  Race: Dwarf Priest
PostPosted: Oct 08 12:25 pm Reply with quote

i agree but trade district often laggs much more ebcause people pass trought much more, plus that it dont have so many nice and open spots as the park. That is why i chose the park.
Ma life is cuntruled ba ale an shinys, a love em!
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