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Welcome to RP-PvP.com

ince the release of World of Warcraft, players have been waiting for the opportunity to partake in an experience that combined both the lore of the game and the intense player vs. player combat that goes along with it. The Roleplay servers offered a great immersion into the game, but fell short when players of the opposing faction had limited opportunities to engage in combat. The Player vs. Player servers did an excellent job of allowing players freedom to act against others, but often fell short in the lore aspect of the game. Thus the Roleplay/Player vs. Player server was formed.

Something that many thought Blizzard should have done from the start, almost 10 months after the release of the game the servers are finally being prepared for launch. The ruleset involves the PvP mechanics as well as the traditional roleplay ruleset in place to add an extra element to the game.

This site fully encourages players to take part in the roleplaying aspect of WoW. While the content of the site is done in OOC (out of character), there are sections devoted solely to staying in character, such as the roleplay boards. We strive to promote the roleplaying aspect of Warcraft while still making the presentation friendly for those interested in learning more about the concept behind the RP-PvP servers. Over the months, this site will develop into a hub for the RP-PvP community to come to and learn about the latest news and events taking place across the servers in an attempt to bring us all closer together.

We hope that you take part in our community and help make this new experience an enjoyable one. Until then, Iíll see you in Azeroth!


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